Background of SCFMPP

The Stronger Communities Fund was established by the NSW Government to provide recently merged councils with funding to kick start the delivery of projects that improve community infrastructure and services.

Stronger Communities Fund – Major Projects Program (SCFMPP) has $14million allocated, split evenly across the three former council areas.

The selection panel reviewed and finalised the list of project following the community consultation period. The final program of works includes 100 projects to be delivered across the region.

The objective of the SCFMPP is for Council to fund projects that deliver new or improved infrastructure or services to the community.

Projects that are prioritised for funding must meet the following criteria:

  • have been through a community consultation process
  • demonstrate social and/or economic benefits to the community
  • consider issues of sustainability and equity across the broader community
  • demonstrate project feasibility and value for money, including full lifecycle costs;
  • did not have funds allocated by the former councils
  • give consideration to the processes and procedures outlined in the capital expenditure review guidelines issued by the Office of Local Government.