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Aerial Spraying Program – Autumn 2019

During autumn 2019, Snowy Monaro Regional Council (Council) will again offer its services in the coordination of a broad-scale aerial spraying program. Council staff can assist you with advice, weed identification, weed mapping and the coordination of control efforts with neighbouring landholders.

Your participation in this coordinated effort enables you to take advantage of economies of scale through the bulk purchase of products and services.

The cost of aerial spraying depends on the type of weed to be addressed and the herbicide/water application rates. Serrated Tussock spraying typically costs in the vicinity of $90 per hectare (based on 1.5 litres of Flupropanate per hectare), inclusive of herbicide and GST. This may, however, vary depending upon the application rate which is most suitable for the infestation and the land on which it is being applied.

Council prides itself in the quality of service that it provides in assisting landholders with the coordination of broad-scale aerial spraying efforts. It does not, however, enter into any negotiations in relation to the cost or quality of work undertaken by the spraying contractor. Weed control on your land is your responsibility.

The minimum area sprayed per property is 10 hectares. It is not economically viable to spray areas smaller than this by helicopter.

You can use your own herbicide if you wish or the aerial spraying contractor can provide the herbicide at bulk buy price and invoice you at the completion of the program.

Council does not charge for its services provided in relation to this program.

You are encouraged to accompany the pilot during a brief flight prior to the aerial spraying to ensure that your boundaries, sensitive areas and target area(s) are positively identified. In your absence, Council staff may assist with this task provided that you have provided clear directions, including a map.

Please sign and return the Autumn 2019 before 1 April 2019.

If Council is not in receipt of a signed form the aerial spraying will not be undertaken.

If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact Council’s Vegetation Weed Management Service on in Cooma (02) 6455 1941.

Neil Murdoch
Mobile: 0428 644 558

Jean-Monique Hawkins
Phone: (02) 6451 1106