Boomerang Bags Jindabyne

Boomerang Bags is a community driven initiative tackling plastic pollution at the grassroots level. Dedicated schools, community groups, businesses and volunteers get together to make reusable ‘Boomerang Bags’ using recycled materials as a means to replace plastic bags.
Snowy Monaro Regional Council is proud to be actively involved in bringing Boomerang Bags, a community driven initiative to our region to reduce the use of single use plastic bags.
Construction Bees

Stayed tuned for the next construction bee - date to be confirmed. 
How Can You Help?

If you're interested in coming to the next construction bee or want more information about this awesome community initiative, please like and follow the Facebook page (details below), listen out for the next construction bee or volunteer your time at home and sew a few bags for this initiative.

LIKE and FOLLOW Facebook Page:

Boomerang Bags Jindabyne Community -
Phone: Edwina 0402 717 262 or Susan 02 6457 1349

If you can't make the Boomerang Bag construction bees, though wish to sew at home or assist in other ways, please contact Edwina 0402 717 262 or email
Sewing packs can be made up for you to sew at home and we can deliver these to you.

The committee would love the community's assistance in any way possible. There are plenty of bags to sew and material to cut and iron. 


Second-hand materials (Linen, fabric offcuts, curtains, thread) are accepted at East Jindabyne Service Station and Jindabyne Op Shop.
* Washed and good lengths of materials preferred. Happy to accept pillow cases and most linen. (Towels are not suitable)
BOUGHT TO SUPPORT will be rolled out during the winter season and busy holiday periods, so that the community and tourists can BUY a bag for a donation, not borrow one to return. This option will support the project while educating the community and its visitors about this awesome community initiative.
The tourists will have a souvenir Boomerang Bag to take home after their stay and hopefully this will then promote Jindabyne as a regional area who is making a difference with reducing plastic pollution.
Great for Tourism!!
BORROW & REUSE this involves the installation of a bag-share option. Boomerang Bag Boxes will be situated in the main shopping area of town. Each box will be stocked with re-usable Boomerang Bags for customers to borrow if they have forgotten their own and either reuse or return on subsequent visits. 
The availability of free, reusable bags reduces the need for single-use plastic bags, and the encouragement to ‘Borrow & Reuse’ works to foster the sustainable mentality of reuse, thereby reducing plastic bag consumption in the long term.

Each Boomerang Bag is handmade by volunteers from the local Jindabyne community using donated second-hand materials, keeping the initiative local and sustainable.
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