Inclusion Action Committee

Snowy Monaro Regional Council would like to invite nominations for its Inclusion Action Committee.

The Inclusion Action Committee will:

  • Enrich the delivery of Council's Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2017-2021
  • Provide strategic advice and guidance to Council and Council Officers to support an increasingly liveable and inclusive Snowy Monaro community. 
  • Engage people with disabilities, their carers and disability service providers in Local Government processes
  • Provide advice and recommendations on projects being undertaken by Council which impact on accessibility and inclusion. 
The Committee will comprise of up to 8 community representatives, relevant Council staff and a Councillor. 

We are seeking nominations from suitably qualified people as follows: 

  • Community representatives with a personal lived experience of disability; people with sensory disability (vision/hearing loss), people with physical disability including those who use a wheelchair, walker or other mobility aid, people with intellectual disability, people with a mental health condition or psychiatric disability, and people with multiple disabilities or any other type of disability. 
  • Organisational representatives of disability service providers who are working in key strategic or management roles. 
  • Community representatives who are family members or carers of people with disability.
  • Other community members with specialist knowledge in the issues relating to accessibility and inclusion, including infrastructure, information technology, and employment.
The Committee will meet quarterly with the meeting location to be determined by consensus. Participation in meetings via digital means such as phone or Skype is possible.  Representation from all parts of the Snowy Monaro region is encouraged. Members may be able to be supported to participate through a variety of methods based on a person’s individual need. Please contact Council’s Community Development Planner for more information. 

Nominations have been extended! Applications are particularly sought from people with disability, and from people living in the Bombala district of the Snowy Monaro region. If you or someone you know is interested in nominating to be on this Committee, please complete a nomination form by 5pm Friday 21 June 2019, which can be found here or contact Council on 1300 345 345 to obtain an application form.

Council's Community Development Planner can provide assistance to complete the nomination form. Please get in touch if you would like assistance or to participate in the nomination process in an alternative format.