How do I become involved

All request for tenders will be advertised in the Monaro Post and on Council’s Procurement Tender page. Pre-registered businesses in VendorPanel will automatically receive notifications. 

VendorPanel will be used for the notification of all open and select quotations and tenders, Contractors will be required to submit all quotations and tenders electronically via this portal. No quotations or tenders will be accepted outside this portal.

All contractors are encouraged to pre-register in MarketPlace within VendorPanel. The pre-registration will ensure your business is registered to receive immediate notification of quotations and tenders in the relevant categories. During the registration process for MarketPlace you will need to select Categories relevant to your business type. The table below provided the list of identified packages in the SCFMPP and the relevant MarketPlace categories.

For more information about VendorPanel and the registration process click here. 

To view the table of categories in VendorPanel MarketPlace for the delivery of the SCFMPP click here.