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About Seaside Scavenge

Seaside Scavenge has grown from a community initiative at Coogee Beach, Sydney to gain Not-for-Profit status. Since March 2015, twenty successful events have taken place between Mornington Peninsula and Magnetic Island attracting over 1,500 people to collect over 2,400kg of litter, over 50,000 cigarette butts and donate over 2,350kg of second-hand goods" post by Anna Jane Linke, Seaside Scavenge Founder and CEO.

For more information please visit the Seaside Scavenge website. You can also join the Facebook community. 
Trade Litter for Pre-loved goods and drinks to clean up our foreshore (and oceans)!!

Even though we're a long way from the sea, The Snowy runs from the peaks, past town and weaves its way 352km downstream, carrying with it all kinds of junk from the slopes and the foreshore, to run into the sea at Marlo, Victoria.
On Saturday, 23 September 2017, Jindabyne’s Banjo Paterson Park held its first ever Lakeside Scavenge. This scavenge/cleaning haven coverts the litter collected into currency that can be exchanged for donated pre-loved clothes and goods at the lakeside pop-up market.

Banjo Paterson Inn as well as many local businesses such as Mitre 10, Jindabyne Brewery, The Market, Baccos, Takayama and more have donated prizes for participants that collect the most litter, most butts, most straws, the weirdest item and who ‘scavenge’ the furthest.

"80% of ocean pollution comes from land-based sources. Jindabyne sits on the Snowy River which weaves it’s way 352km downstream to come out at Marlo, Victoria. Despite being inland, the region’s litter has every opportunity to make its’ way to the ocean that’s why this debut Lakeside Scavenge has been adopted by the Jindabyne community"

"The Scavenge is an innovative and creative way to draw unaware audience’s attention to litter. There will be a number of local environmental speakers including Boomerang Bags as well as musicians and upcycling workshops throughout the day promoting plastic-free lifestyle alternatives and marine debris pollution awareness" quoted from the Inspiring NSW organisation website
Seaside Scavenge Impact
“We want to open peoples eyes to waterway pollution and offer an outlet to tackle the problem together. More importantly, we want to demonstrate how to easily cut-back on consumption of single-use plastics and fast-fashion,” says Founder and Director, Anna Jane Linke.

To see the entire media release, click on link Using trash instead of cash written by Inspiring NSW Organisation.
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Photo courtesy - Jindabyne Lakeside Scavenges Event Page
"748kg of trash tallied yesterday! 350+kg of recycling, so many glass bottles and cans! An enormous effort by everyone that came down... Thanks for scavenging all over town to sparkle up our beautiful Snowy Mountain. Massive shout out to the musicians, local green leaders and of course the legendary volunteers that sorted it all!!
Prizes, photos and more stats to come. Thanks for all the photos and good vibes Jindabyne!
Looking forward to the next one!"

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Lakeside Scavenge FB - Tyre

 Photo courtesy - Emrys Meijer - Jindabyne Lakeside Scavenge

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 Photo courtesy - John de Groote - Jindabyne Lakeside Scavenge
"Large area of a popular swimming spot cleared of hundreds of nails and pieces of glass"
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Photo courtesy - Kate Skinner - Jindabyne Lakeside Scavenge
"Boooo to the people who cant be bothered recycling and taking their rubbish with them. Was all to easy to fill bags of bottles, plastic, cans etc from around our lake. 2 full bags of rubbish including random items like number plates after walking only 800m along the lake... although I did find five bucks
Well done to all the amazing people who helped clean up the lake and Jindy today and every other day, especially before the snow starts to melt and the lake rises."
Scavenge Event Outcomes