Badja Reserve Plan

The purpose of the Badja Reserve Plan of Management is to establish the framework and operational basis for the Badja Reserve at Numeralla. The reserve is currently used for outdoor activities including fishing, swimming and picnics. It is also used for camping by the public on an informal basis. There are limited facilities in place to support these camping activities and in the past there have been no measures in place to monitor or register camping activities and usage.

The demand on free camping sites has increased significantly in recent times and it is important that there are strategies in place in order to prevent or minimise damage to the reserve and to the adjacent rivers. Historically, the reserve has been used by the local community and visitors for recreation activities, access to the river and bush camping. The annual Numeralla Folk Festival which is held on the Australia Day long weekend has traditionally seen the Reserve used intensively for camping for the duration of this event. The local community group, Numeralla District Activities Inc. organised this event and provide additional toilet facilities during this period.

In recent years, some of the area has become subject to overuse –mainly through inappropriate lighting of campfires and over use of some sites. Continued uncontrolled use of the reserve will lead to long term environmental degradation.

This strategy will provide guidelines that will assist in the sustainable management of camping activities, effective management of environmental impacts including loss of vegetation cover, soil erosion, reduced water quality, reduced wildlife habitat and accumulation of rubbish and pollutants in the river.