Danny Collman

Danny Collman
Skiing - 1961 

Danny Collman, who was born at Jindabyne on 16 December 1930, was educated at Jindabyne and then Hurlstone Agricultural College. Upon leaving school he began working at the Hotel Kosciusko in the ski-room as an attendant and there began his skiing career. He was a natural skier and it soon became apparent to all that he would become a champion.

Danny represented New South Wales and Australia in many ski events, with considerable success. His first real success was when he won the New South Wales ski jump in 1949 at the age of 19.

Some of Danny’s race results are as follows:

1955 Second in slalom and second comb in NSW Championships. 1956 Second in Snowy Mountain Cup. 1957 Four titles in Australian and NSW Championships. 1958 Third in Australian Downhill Championships, first in NSW Downhill Championships, second in Slalom, first in Snowy Mountains Cup. 1959 Second Australian Downhill Championships. Also a member of the NSW team competing in the interstate championships at Mount Buller. 1960 First in Snowy Mountains Cup. First in Kiandra 100 Years Centenary Race. 1961 Member of Australia’s winning team against New Zealand and first in Kiandra Centenary race. 
Danny was also a noted Mountain Guide and spent many years with the Snowy Mountains Authority as a Hydrographer. Among the duties of a Hydrographer were measuring stream flows and snow depths right across the mountains in all types of weather.