Stanley Love

Stanley Milward Love
Boxing - 1900's

Stanley Love, one of seventeen brothers and sisters of Samuel and Elizabeth Love was born at “Sunny Corner”, Cooma in the early 1900’s.

He went to school at “Fern Glen” Carlaminda and left school at an early age when he obtained a job with the Railways at Cootamundra. While at Cootamundra he developed a lot of boxing skills and on return to Cooma he undertook most of his boxing at a building where the Cooma-Monaro Express office is today.

Stan boxed with Jimmy Sharman’s travelling boxing troop for some time and then he was taken under the wing of Ted Riordan who was a Manager as well as a noted Fight Promoter.

Stan drew a house of 210 pounds for one of his fights in Cootamundra which was considered to be an amazing purse at that time. He then went on to fight Harry Collins the then Lightweight Champion of Australia at Leichardt Stadium but was beaten. Soon after he fought and beat an American named Allan and then went on to defeat Eugene Voltaire at Brisbane Stadium.

One of Love’s most important and eventful fights was at Wagga against Billy Grimes. Grimes at that stage held no less than three Australian Titles, and Love fought him for the Lightweight Championship of Australia. Regrettably Love suffered from a peculiarity whereby he involuntarily nodded his head on occasions.

It was in the 17th round of the 20 round fight that the sensation occurred. Love and Grimes were in a clinch when the referee saw Love’s head nodding. The referee took this to be a nod of submission on Love’s part and promptly awarded the fight to Grimes.

The crown went wild, particularly in view of the fact that in the previous three or four rounds Love had completely outboxed Grimes and appeared all set for a win.