Our home and garden can be a bottomless pit of resource-consuming ecological inefficiency; or a healthy Eden of self-sufficiency. So how do we manage our ecological footprint and set it on a sustainable path?

  1. Buy renewable electricity

    Buy renewable electricity

    Every time you use electricity in your home greenhouse gases are belched out on your behalf. So buy the clean stuff!

  2. Harvest and use your rainwater

    Harvest and use your rainwater

    Install a rainwater tank to collect and store rain hitting your roof and use it to water your garden, wash your clothes or fill your toilet.

  3. Install solar hot water

    Install solar hot water

    Sunlight converts cold water into hot water. No gases are emitted and no one gets hurt. Life is rarely this simple!

  4. Embrace energy efficiency

    Embrace energy efficiency

    Energy conservation can save resources and money through the adoption of efficient technology and behaviours.

  5. Use water efficiently

    Use water efficiently

    Water conservation on the driest continent on the planet is essential, logical and too long in coming. There are lots of easy things we can all do!

  6. Cultivate energy saving habits

    Cultivate energy saving habits

    Energy saving habits are easy to learn. By changing your daily habits, you can save resources and money and reduce your contribution to global warming.

  7. Cultivate water saving habits

    Cultivate water saving habits

    Water saving habits are those easy-to-learn daily behaviours that can save us thousands of litres (and dollars) during the course of our lives.

  8. Install efficient appliances and fixtures

    Install efficient appliances and fixtures

    When investing in large household appliances and fixtures, use the government's Energy and Water Ratings (stars) to guide you to the most efficient products to save money.

  9. Generate your own electricity

    Generate your own electricity

    The sun hitting your roof can power your home. It's just a question of gadgets.

  10. Insulate, shade and weatherproof your house

    Insulate, shade and weatherproof your house

    Insulating, shading and weatherproofing your house can save you up to 45 per cent on your current energy bills while increasing the comfort and value of your home. Minimising the need to heat and cool your home from the extremes of our summer and winter weather will also reduce your contribution to global warming.

  11. Reduce your stormwater pollution

    Reduce your stormwater pollution

    By managing your domestic stormwater, you can reduce pollution of the waterways we love to swim in, fish and simply enjoy.

  12. Assess your home's sustainability

    Assess your home's sustainability

    Like many of us, you might be thinking about ways to save money at home.