Organisational Structure

GM Peter 2.jpg
General Manager 
Peter Bascomb

The General Manager is responsible for the day to day operations of Snowy Monaro Regional Council. 

Peter directly leads the Executive Office, including Innovation & Business Development, and Communications, along with leading the organisation's service delivery through the Corporate and Community Services, Environment and Sustainability, and Operations and Infrastructure directorates. 

Peter Cannizzaro.jpg
Director of Corporate and Community Services
Peter Cannizzaro

Peter leads the following business units: 

  • Governance
  • Finance and Rates
  • People and Culture
  • Community Support Services and Aged Care
Peter Smith 2
Director of Environment and Sustainability
Peter Smith

Peter leads the following business units: 

  • Development and Building Certification
  • Environmental Management
  • Economic Development and Tourism
  • Resource and Waste Management

Suneil Adhikari 2.jpg
Director of Operations and Infrastructure
Suneil Adhikari

Suneil leads the following business units: 

  • Transport Infrastructure (Operations)
  • Water and Waste Water Services
  • Asset Management and Engineering Services
  • Facilities Management

Snowy Monaro Regional Council Organisational Structure

SMRC Organisational Structure