Country University Centre - Snowy Monaro

Country Universities Centre Snowy Monaro is a high-tech facility providing University level distance education opportunities to students in the Snowy Mountains region.

Country Universities Centre Snowy Monaro (CUCSM) was opened on March 6, 2013 trading as Cooma Universities Centre and was a joint initiative of Snowy Hydro and Snowy Monaro Regional Council.  In 2014 the centre became an incorporated, not for profit organisation and was handed over to a community governed Board of Directors.

To assist in the provision of university education opportunities to the residents of the Snowy Monaro, Council has provided CUCSM with their building at a $1 per year rent, thus forgoing up to $50,000 per year in rental income, along with an agreement to donate the value of the annual Council rates. 

Council is a proud supporter and community partner of the Country University Centre Snowy Monaro. 

Country Universities Centre Snowy Monaro Objectives

  • Serve as the primary point of contact for the delivery of university education in the Snowy Monaro region.
  • Facilitate and promote education and career pathways between schools, vocational education and training providers, universities and industry.
  • Coordinate and support research and partnerships, especially those which assist in the sustainable development of the region.
  • Advocate in the best interests of regional students.
  • Promote and assist lifelong learning and raise community aspirations.
  • Collect public donations to support the Association’s offerings and learning experiences of students.