Flood Study and Floodplain Risk Management Study

Snowy Monaro Regional Council is undertaking a Flood Study and Floodplain Risk Management Study under the NSW Government’s Flood Prone Land Policy. The primary objective of the Policy is to reduce the impact of flooding and flood liability on owners and occupiers of flood-prone property and reduce public and private losses resulting from flooding. The Policy provides for technical and financial support by the State Government through four stages:

1. Flood Study
Determine the nature and extent of potential flooding issues.

2. Floodplain Risk Management
Identifies the impacts of floods on the existing and future community and evaluates practical, feasible and economic management measures to treat existing, future and residual risk.

3. Floodplain Risk Management Plan
Formal adoption by Council of a plan of risk management measures for the floodplain.

4. Implementation of the Plan
Implementation of floodplain risk management measures such as construction of mitigation works, improvements to emergency response or amendments to planning controls.

The current studies comprise phases one to three of the four step process listed above.