Procurement, Contracts and Tenders

The goal of Snowy Monaro Regional  Council is to ensure that all expenditure of public funds results in the best value for dollar ratio. Potential suppliers will be given fair and equitable consideration of each quotation or each tender submitted.

Snowy Monaro Regional Council encourages local industry to tender or quote for the provision of Council's requirements. Council advertises tenders in Monaro Post and therefore actively seeks quotations from local suppliers.

Snowy Monaro Regional Council's Sound Contracting Principles

Procurement staff must consider the following when procuring goods and services for Council, no matter how large or small:

  • Value for money; and
  • Open and effective competition; and
  • The development of competitive local business and industry; and
  • Environmental protection; and
  • Ethical behaviour and fair dealing
Method of Procurement Activities

Council officers identify the appropriate method to procure goods, services or works needed.  Dependent on expenditure thresholds, this may involve using: 

  • Request for Quotation (RFQ).
  • Request for Tender (RFT)
  • Expressions of Interest (EOI)
  • Preferred Supplier Arrangements
  • Panels of Pre-Qualified Suppliers
  • Arrangement or an Arrangement with, or under a Government Arrangement
  • *Sole Supplier, Specialised Supplier Arrangement
  • **Open Market Tenders 
*Where Council resolves that there is only one supplier who is reasonably available, or because of the specialised or confidential nature of the goods or service being sought, it would be impractical or disadvantageous to Council to invite quotations, Council may enter into a contract without first inviting quotations.

**Under the Local Government Act, Council is required to engage contracts worth more than $150,000 out to tender. However, because of its commitment to open and effective competition, it will regularly call for tenders on projects of lesser value, to ensure the best contractor is sourced, and provide new opportunities for suppliers.

VendorPanel Marketplace - Engaging our Local Suppliers

Snowy Monaro Regional Council introduced a new e-Procurement process in May 2017, designed to boost the local economy and drive business to local suppliers.

VendorPanel Marketplace will be used by Council employees when there is no preferred or pre-qualified supplier arrangement in place and where the planned expenditure is below $150,000 (inclusive of GST). At the heart of this solution, Snowy Monaro Regional Council is trying to make it easier to engage with local suppliers and the open market, giving small to medium enterprises better access to Council opportunities and increase governance and transparency in our quotation process.

This new e-Procurement system is an opportunity for businesses in the open market to have their goods and services seen by Council; it’s free for suppliers to register and is easy to use.

Suppliers can register by visiting the VendorPanel Marketplace website and following the simple 5 step process. 

For more information on the VendorPanel Marketplace system, please contact the VendorPanel support team on 03 9095 6181.

Advertisement of Tender opportunities

When the planned expenditure is greater than $150,000 (inclusive of GST), Council must invite public tenders, where no exception under the Local Government Act 1993 or Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 exist.

Tenders are available via VendorPanel

It is recommended that if a supplier is looking for opportunities to supply Council, they register on the VendorPanel MarketPlace website to receive all tender opportunities via email at the time of publishing, free of charge.

Fraud Prevention

Fraud  can  be  defined  as  “dishonestly  obtaining  a  benefit  by  deception  or  other  means”  Snowy 
Monaro  Regional  Council is responsible for administering significant levels of revenue, expenditure and property. These activities involve contact with a broad range of commercial partners, suppliers and the community. Fraud and corruption can have a significant impact on Council’s service delivery, reputation, finances and programs. Council has a zero tolerance for fraud and corruption.  The consequences of fraud have been determined within Council’s  Enterprise  Risk  Management Framework as an unacceptable risk to Council.  Council has developed a comprehensive  Fraud Prevention Procedure covering all potential aspects.

All  Councillors,  employees, commercial partners and suppliers have a responsibility to report suspected fraud and corruption.  Any person with concerns is strongly encouraged to raise the matter immediately notifying the General Manager on 1300 345 345. All reports are kept strictly confidential.

NHVL Chain of Responsibility (CoR)

Snowy Monaro Regional Council endorses the requirements of the National Heavy Vehicle Law (NHVL) and Regulations and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NVHR) Chain of Responsibility (CoR).

Where Snowy Monaro Regional Council is a consignor or consignee within the supply chain process, then Snowy Monaro Regional Council require that all Service Providers take decisive action not to encourage nor require transport drivers to:

  • Exceed the speed limits;
  • Exceed regulated driving hours;
  • Fail to meet the minimum rest requirements;
  • Drive while impaired by fatigue.
Where a Service Provider (engaged under a contract) breaches the HVNL and/or HVNR CoR, then Snowy Monaro Regional Council may cancel any outstanding Purchase Orders placed with that Service Provider.

(Superviser - Organisational Procurement)  END