The existence of waste is an indicator of inefficiency in the human economy. We extract from nature to create billions of tonnes of things which we use once, then bury or pump them out to sea - and pay money for each of these stages! As individuals we can learn to avoid, reduce, reuse and recycle, with the journey ending with zero waste... nature's finest.

  1. Recycle organic waste

    Recycle organic waste

    Nutrient recycling is the foundation of life. Today's organic waste is tomorrow's lunch, so look after those worms and compost piles.

  2. Recycle technical waste

    Recycle technical waste

    Replicating nature's nutrient cycle by creating closed loops for the recycling and reuse of those man-made (technical) elements of our consumption delivers efficiency, reduces cost and resource use and protects the environment.

  3. No junk mail and spam

    No junk mail and spam

    Time and paper are precious resources. Junk mail, email spam and unsolicited phone calls waste both time and paper, so let's get rid of them!