Kerbside Recycling

What can and cant go in your recycling bin - images
What can I recycle in my yellow lidded recycling bin?

  • Rigid plastic containers from the kitchen, bathroom or laundry (including takeaway containers, disposable and non-disposable plastic cups and plates). Containers with recycling symbol and numbers 1, 2, 3 & 5.
  • PET bottles amber, green and clear glass bottles and jars including the metal lids.
  • Aerosols, Aluminium, Steel cans including pet food cans scraped clean where possible, beverage cans, aluminium foil, and foil trays
  • Liquid paperboard such as milk and juice cartons
  • Paper and cardboard including newspapers, magazines, egg cartons, office paper, windowed envelopes, telephone books, and empty pizza boxes
Your Domestic Kerbside Recycling is collected Fortnightly.
For information regarding your collection days, please click on the link.
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RECYCLABLES that CANNOT be placed in domestic kerbside recycling bin

  • NO Scrap Steel and Wire
  • NO Waste Oil
  • NO Batteries
  • NO Fluorescent tubes or globes
  • Mobile Phones
  • Printer Cartridges
* These materials can be recycled at ALL Council's Waste Facilities FREE OF CHARGE.
Household Batteries, Printer Cartridges, Mobile Phones are also accepted at all Council offices.

What can I recycle in my lime green lidded bin?
(Food and Garden Organics - Cooma Only)

  • Tea bags, coffee grounds, and unavoidable food waste (cooked or raw).
  • Fruit and vegetable peelings etc.
  • Pruning's that are a maximum of 10cm diameter and 30cm in length, grass clippings, weeds, leaved and flowers.
  • Kitchen scraps from your bench top caddy.
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Food Garden Organic Waste Bin Dos and Dont

For residents without Food and Garden Organics (FOGO) collection service you can still recover around 30%-40% of your waste going to landfill by using a home composting or worm farming system.

Did you know that in a recent ACT feasibility study showed around 34% of household waste bins are made up of FOGO?

Separate your organic waste and food scraps and start a compost or worm farm today.