Dignity and Permanence

Artist(s) Name
Andreas Buisman

Description of Work

The intention was to create a memorial which was unique and would stand as a permanent recognition from our generation for the efforts of so many 100 years ago. The sculpted basalt rock is from Adelong titled ‘Dignity and Permanence’, created by world renowned Austrian rock sculptor, Andreas Buisman.

It is installed, together with the boulders, to create a contemplative space, emanating dignity and the power of permanence.  

This memorial reflects the country from where the volunteer soldiers came and hints at where they went.  The rocks  around the sculpture represent the young men from Bombala lost in WWI.  A particularly prominent  boulder came from the property where one of them - Douglas Gordon Campbell - had grown up.

Location of Art
Gunnago ANZAC Park, Monaro Highway Bombala NSW

April 2015

Primary Materials
Basalt rock