Residential Aged Care Review

A report into residential aged care in the Snowy Monaro has been presented to Council outlining 14-key recommendations for the ongoing delivery of quality residential aged care services and facilities in the local government area.

The report on Residential Aged Care Review has recommended Council expand its involvement in the provision of residential aged care services. 

The report supported calls for a residential aged care facility to be established in Jindabyne, and the need for a purpose-designed facility catering for residents with ‘severe and challenging behaviours’ to be co-located at Yallambee Lodge, Cooma. 

We encourage you to download and review 
The Future Provision of Residential Aged Care in the Snowy Monaro Region 2018 - 2028. 

If you have any questions in regards to Residential Aged Care Review or information provided in the report please contact Council's Group Manager Community Support Services and Aged Care, Bianca Padbury on 1300 345 345.