Snowy Monaro Youth Card

What is the Snowy Monaro Youth Card?

The Snowy Monaro Youth Card aims to grow the connection between young people, businesses and the community in the Snowy Monaro Region. The Youth Card initiative is the brainchild of the Snowy Monaro Regional Youth Council and provides an incentive for young people to spend more time in the region by offering cardholders exclusive discounts and deals at participating businesses. The Youth Card is available to young people aged 12-24 who live, work or visit the Snowy Monaro region.

How do young people get a Youth Card?

To order a Youth Card, young people complete a simple registration form online at Councils website (coming soon) or pick up a hard copy of the form from any Council office located in the Region. The young person will be notified when the card is ready to be collected.

How does the Youth Card system work?

Young people will be sent their card once they register. To claim an offer/discount the card needs to be presented and they need to advise the businesses staff that they intend to access the discount PRIOR to purchase.  Businesses have the right to decline to fulfil the offer if cardholders do not comply with this condition.

Each card will have an expiry date (at the age the young person turns 25). Cards will be considered invalid at this stage and the young person ineligible for the discount.

Who is the target audience?

Young people in the Snowy Monaro Region 12 – 24 years old are the target of this initiative. The card will primarily be promoted through high schools and youth specific groups so it is likely that the majority of cardholders will be secondary school students. However, while local young people are the target demographic, we hope that the card will also be utilised by their friends who visit the region – ideally encouraging the Snowy Monaro as a ‘meeting place’ that connects the broader Southern NSW area.

How will the Youth Card be promoted?

The Youth Council will help to promote the initiative at 6 local high schools. It will also be promoted through local print and online media platforms, social media and a poster campaign.

How will the participating businesses and deals be promoted?

  • Deals and initiatives will be promoted online by utilising the existing media platforms managed by Council, Youth Council and local Youth focused groups.
  • When a young person registers for the Youth Card, they will be sent an introductory letter that outlines all of the participating business and available deals.
  • Businesses that register and offer a discount will be sent a ‘Business Pack’ to support promotion to Youth Card holders.

How long should an offer/discount go for and can it be changed?

Ideally, a year-round general offer would have the best effect. Consistency allows word to spread and makes it easier for us to promote your business to young people. However, please note that businesses are free to change or revoke your Youth Card deal at any time.

What sort of deals/discounts are offered?

Businesses have the freedom to choose their offer.  If you would like suggestions or would like to discuss an offer you have in mind, please let us know. However, we do ask for it to be a Youth Card exclusive offer, which will help us to promote the card and attract young people to register.

Examples of possible offers which we believe will gain traction include:

  • Discount on coffee/hot drinks and food
  • Freebies with a purchase, e.g. buy one milkshake get a free cookie
  • Deals/specials that commence after school hours, e.g. drink and Cake for $5 between 3:30 pm and 5:00 pm
  • Discounted tickets for entry, e.g. student discount at Cinemas, special events.
  • Specials or deals on products and/or services such as classes/lessons and membership fees, e.g. discount on Gym Membership, or every 4th yoga class free.

Young people have given feedback that discounts are most successful when they are offering something tangible and easily understood. The examples they have provided us with are deals such as ‘coffee and a cake for X amount of dollars’ and ‘2 for 1 deals’. These, according to young people, are more likely to be successful than percentage discounts.

Other opportunities

This initiative is all about connecting young people with the community; if a business or organisation has special events or other opportunities (such as casual employment, or traineeships/apprenticeships) that would be relevant to young people in the area the information can be sent to our team and we will do our best to spread the word through the youth networks.

Sounds great, how can my business be part of this program?

To register your business and receive your ‘business pack’ email:

Or call the Youth Development Officer on 0437 135 092.