Releasing Vipers Bugloss Biological Control

The release of Patterson's Curse / Vipers Bugloss Biological control agents (Root Weevil, Stem Boring Beetle, and Flea Beetle) is part of an Integrated Weed Management Project for production and biodiversity.

This project was managed by the Corrowong Wallendibby Landcare Group and funded through the Australian Government‘s National Landcare Programme. The project has involved private and government land managers including Snowy Monaro Regional Council, Local Land Services and the National Parks and Wildlife Service. Biological control aims to make weed control more manageable and cost-effective and is ideal where other control methods are impractical, expensive or unsafe. 

Barry Sampson who provided training in biological weed control as part of the project says, “Biological control is all about working with nature and that it can help farmers and land managers reduce their chemical use on weeds and that the key to sustainable weed management is an integrated program using biological, mechanical and chemical control.”  This approach is fundamental to the Integrated Weed Management for Production and Biodiversity Project. 

Biosecurity Officer Releases Biological control agent 1
(Mogulones larvatus) Crown Weevil
Biosecurity Officer Releases Biological control agent 2