Property and Development Advice Service

Council offers a two-tiered service to customers seeking advice in relation to planning and development matters.

Level one – Development Support Service

The first level of assistance is with Council’s Duty Town Planners, where general enquiries can be answered about your property, such as zoning, constraints, permissible uses and suitable development types.

This service via phone or face-to-face is available from 8:30am to 10:30am Monday to Friday, in the Bombala, Cooma and Jindabyne offices and is free of charge with no appointments are necessary.

Additionally general enquiries can be emailed to where your enquiry will be acknowledged within two (2) working days.

Level two – Property & Development Advice

Should more detailed or technical advice be required, the next level of assistance allows for either written advice. This is referred to as Property & Development Advice (PDA).

There is a fee involved in this service.

Property & Development Advice 
If you require more detailed planning advice you can request a written response from a Planner or other technical officers.

It is recommended that you use this service rather than the Development Support Services for large or complex matters, such as building entitlements.

This service should be used if you would like a written advice before you lodge a development application or purchase a property.

Council will provide you with a detailed and researched written response of the information in respect of the question/s you have asked or advice you are seeking via a letter mailed or emailed to your address within 21 days of receiving your application.

A written Property & Development Advice has an associated minimum fee of $205.