Community Development

Community development is the process of working alongside individuals and groups to ensure they have the skills and support to bring about local positive change. Council staff participate in projects and activities which respond to identified local needs and aim to build a more inclusive, engaged and safer community.
  1. Aboriginal Communities

    Aboriginal Communities

    Information on the region's Indigenous heritage and contemporary initiatives

  2. Awards, Donations and Grants

    Awards, Donations and Grants

    Information on Council's range of opportunities for individuals and community groups to access funding and recognition for projects or achievements.

  3. Community Safety

    Community Safety

    Information on school zones, alcohol free zones, community safety plans and other initiatives related to community safety.

  4. Multiculturalism


    Information on the multicultural history of the region, as well as the services available for migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and other new arrivals.

  5. Supporting Women

    Supporting Women

    Information on initiatives to support the development of women in the region.

  6. Young People

    Young People

    Information on services and initiatives for Young People across the regional.