COVID-19 Business Information

Council is planning how to adjust the way we do business to continue delivering essential services to the community, as well as thinking about what we can do to help our local businesses on top of the federal and state government COVID-19 initiatives.

As one of the biggest challenges we have is communicating current information, Council created the Facebook Group SMRC COVID-19 Local Business Forum. We believe that this is an easy way to facilitate Council to business, and business to businesses communication in a timely manner for the duration that COVID-19 is disrupting what we used to know as “business as usual”.

Located on this page you will find a number of helpful fact sheets and website links designed to assist you through our changing economic climate. 

COVID-19 is a global pandemic and we need to work together to come out the other side.

If you have any questions please contact Council's Economic Development Officer on 
1300 345 345. 

Stay COVID safe – information for business owners

Important information about enforcement of COVID-19 restrictions and COVID Safety plans

Public Health Orders specify the business types that MUST have a COVID Safety Plan for how the business will keep customers and employees safe. Whilst a plan is not mandated for all industries, Council recommends all businesses in the Snowy Monaro have a written COVID Safety Plan, especially as we experience increased tourist visitation over winter.

If your business still does not have a written COVID Safe Plan, you can access generic and industry specific templates at:

If you are having difficulty navigating what you need to do for your business, please contact the Service NSW Business Concierge on 13 77 88 Mon - Fri, 7am - 7pm. 

Council now has a well-defined role in supporting and enforcing business compliance to COVID-19 restrictions. In some cases, customer feedback about businesses who may not be fully complying with the Public Health Order will be provided to Council through the Office of Local Government (OLG).

Council staff will review feedback and respond, which will likely involve site visits to the reported businesses. Any action taken will be reported back to the OLG, who if necessary, will report the non-compliance to the relevant authority; NSW Food Authority; Liquor and Gaming; NSW Health; or the NSW Police Force.

Council is aware of several businesses that have already been fined for non-compliance. Please do not become another statistic by not having a COVID Safety plan in place!

Prepare for the unexpected - Build a Business Continuity Plan

The damage caused to small businesses by COVID-19 and the recent bushfires have brought home to many the cost of sudden and unexpected disruptions.

Every business should have a Business Continuity Plan. No business is immune to the risks of disruption or disaster. Nobody thinks an emergency event will happen to them, but preparing your business to survive such an event is vital for every business owner.

The NSW Government Small Business Commissioner have a new guide Prepare for the unexpected- Build a Business Continuity Plan to help small businesses prepare for disruption so they can get back on their feet quickly. Developed in partnership with Resilience NSW, the guide provides practical, expert advice and easy to use templates so small businesses owners can develop their own comprehensive Business Continuity Plan.

The guide is part of the Get Ready Toolkit to help small businesses build resilience.

This practical guide takes you through the essential steps to build your own Business Continuity Plan. It provides easy to use templates and checklists that can be filled out, creating a comprehensive business continuity plan unique to your business needs.