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Service NSW State Business  Concierge Access to grants Referral to advisory services All small businesses based in NSW (less than 20 employees) Evan Goozeff
0436 462 609
AusIndustry Federal Business Concierge Access
to grants and Federal government services.

Information relating to operating a business in Australia.
All businesses in Australia.

There are various eligiblity requirements across programs, so please refer to program guidelines. David Barbalet
0468 577 400
SRBEC The Business Connect program delivers a free* general business advisory service for NSW SME's. Business Connect advisors live locally, delivering focussed workshops and referrals to subject-matter specialists.
Advice areas include strategic & business planning; marketing; financial; HR; digital; compliance; grants & funding. *some
conditions apply.  Client contributions are currently waived for businesses impacted by bushfire and COVID-19. 

The Australian Small Business Advisory Services (ASBAS) - Digital Solutions program delivers free* digital business advisory service for SME's with an ABN.
Business-focussed workshops and
referrals to subject-matter specialists.
Advice areas include websites & selling online; social media & digital marketing;
Using small business software; Online security & data privacy. (Some conditions apply) Client contributions currently waived for businesses impacted by bushfire and COVID-19.                                      
Business Connect is available to Micro, Small, Medium businesses in NSW including intenders & start-ups.
ASBAS - Digital Solutions is available to Micro, Small, Medium businesses with an ABN Kris Laird (Business Connect)
0427 668 781

Kaye Keogh (ASBAS)
0429 725 068
Business Australia Free access to a network of independent business specialists who are embedded in their communities to help them to rebuild, transform and adapt to become  stronger and more resilient over the long term.

A facilitator will work with businesses to provide mentorship and develop a roadmap, identifying the immediate, medium and long-term challenges and opportunities. Facilitators will also provide advice on relevant funding assistance to help businesses recover. 
Be a micro or small business must:
  • be a bushfire affected SME, that is located in one of the Local Government Areas (LGAs) identified by the National Bushfire Recovery Agency
  • have a current Australian business number (ABN), and engaged in carrying on the small business at the time of the bushfire in the defined disaster area 
The Strengthening Business element is open to businesses from any sector and with any annual turnover.

Lachlan Maclean
0418 480 473

Rural Financial Councilling Service Assisting small businesses (not primary producers) that are experiencing and or at imminent risk of financial hardship as a direct result of drought, COVID-19 and or bushfires. Employ 19 or fewer people.
  • Be, in the opinion of the Business Coach experiencing, or at imminent risk of financial hardship as a result of drought, bushfires and or COVID-19.
  • Be located in a regional area (defined as “MMM2” to “MMM7”) on the Department of Health’s Modified Monash Model rural classification.
  • Be ineligible to access the service under the existing RFCS program (i.e not a primary producer).
Rhys Treloar
0418 254 763