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NSW Small Business Commissioner - Here to help
Running a successful small business takes time and dedication. On top of actually providing the products and services they're in business for, small business owners are often their own marketing, sales, accounts and human resources departments.

Bigger businesses have more people as well as a greater capability to get outside help and advice when they need it. And where the issues of bigger businesses intersect with legislation, regulation and public policy, they have industry bodies and associations to put their case to state and local governments.

The NSW Small Business Commissioner are here to help small businesses operate as professionally, as efficiently and as successfully as they can. The way they can contribute includes:

  • Serving as a neutral party in mediation and dispute resolution between small businesses or between a small business and a larger one or between a small business and government
  • Providing high quality business advice and advisors with access to world class tools
  • Speaking up for small businesses within government

Please call the NSW Small Business Commissioner We Assist Helpline on 1300 795 534 to let us know how they can help you or jump onto their website, smallbusiness.nsw.gov.au.

Apprenticeships Careers Australia
Local Advisor Name: Chris Fox
Phone: 0406 448 265
Email: Christopher.Fox@australianbusiess.com.au
Website: apprenticeshipcareers.com.au

Our only reason for being in business is to attain and match the best apprentices and trainees with great businesses.

Our candidate experience is all about ensuring apprentices and trainees are working with employers of choice. This single-mindedness ensures we attract the very best candidates available.

We work with all our apprentices and trainees on getting ‘work fit’ so that they’re ready to join your business and can easily handle the demands of their apprenticeships or traineeship. We achieve market leading retention rates by developing a positive relationship between the apprentice, their ACA and mentor you.

Apprenticeship Careers Australia is backed by Business Australia (formerly NSW Business Chamber). We are driven by the ideals of the Australian business chamber movement, with surplus funds reinvested back into the business community through research, innovation and advocacy.

Local Advisor Name: David Barbalet
Phone: 0468 577 400
Email: david.barbalet@industry.gov.au
Website: business.gov.au

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  • Strengthening Business
  • Entrepreneurs programme
  • Research and Development Tax Incentive

AusIndustry is the Commonwealth Government agency that administers grants and incentives for business. Our Flagship programmes are the Entrepreneurs programmes and the Research and development tax incentive.

AusIndustry has a national network of Regional Manager who are able to support businesses of all sizes and scale however the primary focus is to enable eligible business to engage with the Entrepreneurs’ Programme, the Research and Development Tax Incentive (RDTI) and one off and ad hock grants which change over time.

Department of Regional NSW
Local Advisor Name: Megan Cleary
Phone: 0407 678 053
Email: megan.cleary@dpc.nsw.gov.au
Website: nsw.gov.au

ICN Gateway
Local Advisor Name: Wally Hirsch
Phone: 0427 000 719
Website: gateway.icn.org.au

ICN are experts in capability networking across industry sectors. By registering your company on ICN Gateway, the information you provide will enable our consultants to match you with large infrastructure projects in the region.

ICN can provide tips and advice on:

  • Creating a meaningful company profile
  • Setting up your email notifications
  • Understanding the project cycle
  • Submitting an expression of interest
  • Improving your company profile