Integrated Planning and Reporting (IPR)

A planning and reporting framework was introduced in 2009 to all New South Wales local government, to improve local Council's long term community planning and asset management as well as streamline the reporting process to the community.

The IPR framework aims to improve the sustainability of local communities by encouraging councils, residents and state agencies to work together to achieve the objectives set out within these long term plans.

Integration of the Community Strategic Plan, Delivery Program and Operational Plan, along with Council's Resourcing Strategies (Long Term Financial Plan, Workforce Plan & Asset Management Plan) is key to meaningful planning. Sound planning helps us provide ratepayers with the best level of service we can.

Our Council faces a number of challenges over the next 20 years as the implementation of the community strategic plan gathers pace. By strengthening collaboration between community, business and government, we can overcome these challenges as we work together to achieve the Vision and Key Directions.

These are our plans - developed by the people of the Snowy Monaro Regional Council - for the people of the Snowy Monaro Region. We are fortunate to call this place home. How we care for it and plan for its future, is our most important undertaking.