Information about Section 355 Committees

Snowy Monaro Regional Council has an ongoing commitment to ensure that community facilities and resources are available to meet the broad needs of the local community.

What is a Section 355 Committee?
Under the Local Government Act 1993, Section 355, Council is able to delegate some of its functions to a committee of Council. Council uses this delegation and appoints community people to manage its facilities or functions through a committee to assist Council.

There are two types of Section 355 Committees. Firstly, a S355 Committee may manage community facilities on behalf of the Council. They aim to maximise the use of the facilities and are responsible for day-to-day management, including the organisation of maintenance and minor repairs.

Secondly, there are S355 committees that have also been established to advise Council on the community needs in specific areas, such as future enhancement or upgrade of facilities, supporting strategic vision in sectors such as arts and tourism, and working collaboratively on region-wide issues such as Resource and Waste Management and Biosecurity.

How do I become a member of a Community Committee?

Council encourages community participation in a number of its functions. One way in which citizens can become involved is by becoming a member or volunteer of a community committee.

Council will advise for nominations as vacancies become available. Nomination can be received via an online form, or you can print out a nomination form and return it to your local office or email to All forms are to be forwarded to Council for approval. 

You should print or read the related document, Privacy and Personal Information Act 1998 Pre-Collection (Section 10) information, before submitting your online application. This document outlines how the information you provide will be used. 

Do Councillors or Council Staff attend Section 355 Committee meetings?
Each S355 Advisory Committee has an elected Councillor representative/s that attends each meeting.

Staff may attend at their discretion or by invitation, to enable them to gauge the areas of concern of the community. They can assist in prioritising any proposals for improvement, growth and development plans of the area of responsibility of the Community Committee.

How do I get more information on Section 355 Committees?
For more information on Section 355 Committees or your local community committee please contact Council on 1300 345 345.