Information For Landholders

Responsibilities of Owners and Occupiers of Land

Owners and occupiers of rural and urban land are reminded that it is everyone's General Biosecurity Duty to control weeds on their land. 
An occupier of land who is given an Individual Biosecurity Direction or who enters into a Biosecurity Undertaking to control weeds, must control all weeds on the land as required under the terms of that direction or undertaking.
Under the Biosecurity Act 2015 failure to do so leaves owners and occupiers liable for fines and further compliance action.

Snowy Monaro Region - Local Weed Management Plan
Biosecurity Act 2015

It is every landholder's responsibility to be aware of weeds issues. The aim of weed control is to destroy the pest plant, deplete weed seed reserves and constantly inhibit future growth of the weeds. In some cases it is necessary to also remove stolons and rhizomes, which may allow the plant to propagate vegetatively.