Fire Safety 

Every building that is not a single residential dwelling or a residential garage is required to have the fire safety measures assessed annually and have an Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) given to the Council, to the Fire Commissioner of Fire and Rescue NSW and prominently displayed in the building.

Building owners should be aware of their obligations and establish, as a matter of priority, the date that the Annual Fire Safety Statement is due each year. It is recommended that the inspection and maintenance of the fire safety measures be addressed in the months prior to the date the Annual Fire Safety Statement is due to allow any necessary maintenance to be conducted.

Council's fire safety register is constantly maintained and updated. Council will endeavour to provide an active role of reminding owners of their responsibilities under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulations in causing Council to be given an annual fire safety statement for the building. Ultimately, the responsibility remains with the owner of the building with significant penalties applying to owners of buildings that do not ensure that annual fire safety statements are provided to Council by the due date.