Supporting Women

Council is strongly committed to supporting women across the region.

Dalgety Women's Day

Dalgety Women's Day is an annual event that celebrates rural women. The event showcases local women's talents through storytelling, performance and participatory arts activities. It also provides women in rural and isolated areas with a point of access to their communities. Dalgety Women's Day emerged from a one-off event in 1999, when the Older Women's Network took to country NSW's roads with their show Women on Wheels. They visited many small country towns including Dalgety. Snowy River women took to the concept with gusto and have carried on the event ever since, giving it their own particular flavour and embracing a new theme each year.

This remarkable event, held at the Dalgety Hall on the banks of the Snowy River, has sold-out consistently for the last several years, filling the Hall to capacity and reinforcing the event's connection with rural women.

Dalgety Women's Day is organised by a committee of volunteers known as The Friends of Dalgety Women's Day.

For information about joining their team, please contact: 
Narelle Willems 
Phone:  0421 792 870

Stay tuned for more details on the next Dalgety Women's Day.
International Women's Day

Council recognises the outstanding contributions made by women from our community, to our community. 

This recognition includes events and celebrations around the regions, as well as the International Women's Day Awards.

The Snowy Monaro region holds an annual International Women's Day event in Delegate each year. For more details on this great event, please click here

For more information on International Women's Day, please see 
Stop it at the Start campaign

Stop it at the Start is a national campaign to reduce violence against women and their children. It recognises that violence against women doesn't just start, it grows. 

The cycle of violence starts with disrespect. Our excuses allow it to grow.
Not all disrespect towards women results in violence.
But all violence against women starts with disrespectful behaviour.

STOP the excuses.
START a conversation about respect with boys and girls.
LEARN more at