Bank of Bins (BOB) Waste and Recycling Service

Residents are eligible to apply to use the popular Bank Of Bins (BOB) Service provided by Snowy Monaro Regional Council at any of these locations:

  • Alpine Way
  • Avonside
  • Buckenderra
  • Caddigat Road
  • Carinya Lane
  • Eucumbene Cove
  • Frying Pan
  • Jerangle
  • Numbla Vale
  • Paupong
  • Rockwell Road
  • Smiths Road
  • Wollondibby Road
The BOB service is an application only service available for residents who would prefer the benefits of dropping their domestic waste and recycling at a designated area instead of driving it to a waste facility.

The BOBs are designed with lockable lids that prevent litter escaping and becoming an environmental issue. The lids also prevent the bins from being disturbed by wild and feral animals.

Bins are serviced weekly by the domestic waste and recycling vehicles.

Residents utilising the service are asked to call Council if the bins are full before collection day. This indicates that the BOB is popular and may need additional bins to ensure the residents using the service have adequate numbers of bins for their needs.

If you would like to use the Bank of Bins service and you live in one of the areas listed above, please complete the Application for Bank of Bins (BOB) Waste and Recycling Services.

Once this form is completed, please bring a copy to the Council's offices and pay a key deposit of $45.00 (per key). You will then receive your key to begin using your BOB waste and recycling service.

If you move or decide to stop using the service, please advise in writing to Council, return the key and you will be refunded your $45.00 key deposit.

The Annual Fee for this service is $242.00 which will be added to your Annual Rates.
BOB Waste - sized for web

Waste Bank Of Bins at Jimenbuen Road (for general domestic waste)

BOB Recycling - sized for web

Recycling Bank Of Bins (for general domestic recycling)