Wheel Out / Wheel In Waste Collection Service

The Wheel Out/Wheel In service is an optional service for residents that receive a kerbside Waste, Recycling and Food and/or Garden Organics Service within the region. 

For those residents wishing to participate in this service the annual fee is $888.00. 

This service includes a Council staff member retrieving, emptying and returning bins to the nominated storage location on the allocated pickup day for collection. 

For each resident participating this service it would include 

  • 52 services per year for the red waste bin
  • 26 services per year for the yellow recycling bin and paper crate (where provided), and 
  • 26 services per year for the green organics bins (where provided)
If you wish to apply for the Wheel Out/Wheel In Service at $888.00 per annum, please complete the Application Form for Commencement of Wheel Out/Wheel In Service.
green red and yellow bins image
An exemption to the Wheel Out/Wheel In service fee will apply to eligible infirmed or elderly residents.

The exemption applies to eligible infirmed or elderly residents who require the service and meet the following criteria:

  • Must be the ratepayer’s principle place of residence
  • Council must be provided a copy of the completed application form.
  • Resident must be physically incapable of wheeling the bins to the kerb and have no other able bodied person residing with them that could wheel bins to kerb
  • Provide a Doctors Certificate and Statutory Declaration confirming above.
If you are physically incapable of wheeling bins to the kerbside from your residence and have no other able-bodied person(s) residing with you who could wheel out the bins to the kerbside on your behalf, you must complete the Application for an Infirmed Wheel Out/ Wheel In Service.