Did you know that you can recycle so much more?

Let us help you increase the number of household items that you RECYCLE, REUSE AND REDUCE!

Recycling is an excellent way to help reduce the:
  • volume of waste sent to landfill.
  • amount of raw materials extracted from the environment, saving water, energy, natural resources and greenhouse gases.
  • costs associated with waste disposal and the manufacture of new products.
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Did you know that recyclables collected in all areas across our region are being transported and processed at the Materials Recovery Facility in Hume, ACT and NOT going to landfill! In fact – around 90% of the recyclables collected and sorted through the facility in Hume are reprocessed here in Australia.
Learn more via the below video and let's keep recycling!

Recycling Services
  1. Where does my Recycling Go?

    Where does my Recycling Go?

    The ReGroup Materials Recovery Facility in Hume is one of the best comingled sorting facilities in Australia.

  2. Australasian Recycling Label

    Australasian Recycling Label

    The Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) is an evidence-based standardised system that provides you with easy to understand recycling information for packaging, it shows what needs to be done to dispose of packaging.

  3. Kerbside Recycling

    Kerbside Recycling

    What you can and cannot put in your yellow lid recycling bin that is collected by Council's collection vehicles.

  4. Printer Cartridges

    Printer Cartridges

    All of the printer cartridges put into a Council's ‘Cartridges 4 Planet Ark’ box are sent to Planet Ark’s recycling partner, Close the Loop®, in Melbourne.

  5. Household Batteries

    Household Batteries

    You can drop off your household batteries at all of Council's offices and waste facilities

  6. Fluorescent Tubes

    Fluorescent Tubes

    Fluorescent Tubes and Globes can be dropped off FREE OF CHARGE at the Snowy River Community Recycling Centre and Cooma Community Recycling Centre.

  7. Mobile Phones

    Mobile Phones

    You can drop off your old mobile phones, batteries and accessories at Council's offices and waste facilities. These will be recycled by the product stewardship program MobileMuster

  8. NSW Container Deposit Scheme

    NSW Container Deposit Scheme

    Collection points have been established in the Snowy Monaro region at Bombala, Cooma and Jindabyne. Providing 10 cent refund as part of the NSW Government's container deposit scheme Return and Earn.

  9. Community Recycling Centre

    Community Recycling Centre

    Council has two Community Recycling Centre's located at Jindabyne Landfill and Cooma Landfill. The centres provide convenient disposal of problem waste free of charge to the community.

  10. Agricultural Chemical drumMUSTER Containers

    Agricultural Chemical drumMUSTER Containers

    drumMUSTER provides the best solution to the problem of disposing of empty chemical containers. It is cleaner, safer and more cost effective than other disposal methods.

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Recycling saves raw materials

The table below shows what your recycling is turned into and the savings this equates to:

gets recycles into...

and saves...


More glass

48% of raw materials


Packaging, furniture, garbage bins and even clothing

98% of raw materials and 6.2 kg of crude oil per household


Food cans, machinery, appliances, train tracks or guitar strings

89% of raw materials


Drinks cans or aluminium foil

81% of raw materials

Paper & Cardboard    

Cardboard, paper based packaging or print paper

51% of the environmental impact of using virgin material