What Can I Recycle?

  1. Recycle Right

    Recycle Right

    Recycle Right. Keep it simple. Keep it clean. Keep it coming 'round

  2. Where does my Recycling Go?

    Where does my Recycling Go?

    The ReGroup Materials Recovery Facility in Hume is one of the best comingled sorting facilities in Australia.

  3. Agricultural Chemical drumMUSTER Containers

    Agricultural Chemical drumMUSTER Containers

    drumMUSTER provides the best solution to the problem of disposing of empty chemical containers.

  4. Australasian Recycling Label

    Australasian Recycling Label

    The Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) provides the consumer with easy to understand recycling information for packaging and disposal.

  1. Community Recycling Centre

    Community Recycling Centre

    Council has two Community Recycling Centre's located at Jindabyne Landfill and Cooma Landfill.

  2. NSW Container Deposit Scheme

    NSW Container Deposit Scheme

    Bombala, Cooma and Jindabyne have sites to exchange eligible drink containers as part of the NSW Return and Earn scheme.

  3. Community Recycling Stations

    Community Recycling Stations

    Six new Community Recycling Stations (CRS) are now ready for use in Snowy Monaro Region. A convenient way to dispose of household batteries, ink cartridges and fluoro globes.

  4. Resource Recovery

    Resource Recovery

    There are many options to resource recover and divert waste in our region. Do you know where?

​Does my recycling collected actually get recycled?

YES!! The recyclables collected in all areas across our region are being transported and processed at the Materials Recovery Facility in Hume, ACT and NOT going to landfill! 

In fact – around 90% of uncontaminated recyclables collected and sorted through the facility in Hume are reprocessed here in Australia.

Recycling may be sent to landfill if it is too heavily contaminated. It is harder to sell on domestic and international markets, may contribute to stockpiling on site and can create serious safety issues for staff. So keep it simple, keep it clean and keep it coming 'round.
Recycling Bin
Check out Snowy Monaro Regional Council's brochure Waste Less Recycle More for more information on the do's and don'ts.