Composting and Worm Farming

Almost half of general household waste that we throw into the bin is food and garden waste.

These materials can be used to make compost to benefit your garden. Compost is natural and inexpensive and is good for the environment.

By turning food scraps and garden vegetation into compost you can:

  • improve soil quality and garden vitality
  • conserve water
  • recycle valuable nutrients and reduce the use of artificial fertilisers
  • prevent CO2 and methane gas emissions and landfill impacts from wasted food and garden vegetation,
Home Composting

If you wish to home compost, the Resource and Waste Department would be happy to discuss a number of easy composting techniques and can arrange products to purchase.

For more information and Council's product list please click on the image.
Food and Garden Waste Collection Service - Cooma Township only

For more information on Cooma's kerbside collection service please click on the image.
Compost Farm - Cooma Landfill

For more information on Cooma Landfill's Compost Farm including purchasing of this quality product please click on the image.
Handy Guides for Composting, Worm Farming and Mulch.

Brought out by The Department of Environment and Heritage.
* click on the images below for the download of each guide.

The Marvel of Mulch

Easy Composting

Easy Worm Farming