The Development Application Process

  1. 1. Lodgement
  2. 2. Processing
  3. 3. Approval
  4. 4. Modification
  5. 5. Determination
  6. 6. Register
  7. 7. Submissions
The Development Application concept and pre-lodgement stage can be summarised as follows: 

Step 1
You need to establish what is permissible on your property, what potential hazards affect your property and what controls apply to the proposed development.

To assist you in this step, please contacts Council's Environment and Sustainability Department who can help you determine the more common permissible uses and the relevant controls applying to a specific property and identify what hazards, if any, apply to your property.

Step 2
Consider all design issues taking into account the site, its context, the specific development controls that apply to the proposal, together with any hazards that affect the land and prepare concept plans.

Step 3
Talk to your neighbours and to any local community groups about your concept plans to assist them to understand your proposal. Consider their concerns and seek to compromise to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

Step 4 (Optional)
Attend a pre-lodgement meeting and discuss you concept plans with Council staff. This will involve a detailed discussion of your proposal. To arrange an appointment please contact the Environment and Sustainability Department on 1300 345 345.

Step 5
Complete Council's development application form and checklist and ensure that all information is provided including the payment of fees. Submit your application with clear plans, relevant Statement of Environmental Effects, and the necessary technical reports relevant to your development.

Contact details
Environment and Sustainability
1300 345 345