Dalgety Growth Plan

The community has expressed that Dalgety needs to remain a place that is vital, a place that retains its school,where a choice of housing is provided and where heritage and environmental values are fostered.

In order for Dalgety to continue to be an attractive place to live and visit we need a plan to facilitate future growth and make sure new development and landuse change does not detract from its character and unique values. The Dalgety Village Plan is an opportunity to do just that – plan to support Dalgety’s vitality.

The Dalgety Village Plan seeks to provide opportunities to live and invest in the village thereby supporting the village’s ongoing viability. The plan enables consistent and strategic decisions about the provision and location of new village style land to facilitate growth and ensures that it is sensitively located to maintain the very values that make Dalgety an attractive place to live and visit.

Dalgety Growth Plan
The Planning Context 
Providing for Future Village Development
Design Guidelines (Part 1) 

Design Guidelines (Part 2)

Dalgety River

Dalgety river