Berridale Growth Plan

Prepared by Snowy River Shire Council with the assistance of the Berridale Community Reference group. The Berridale Plan provides a vision for the town
and describes how to get there. The vision is broad to ensure a wide range of views can be encompassed by its direction.

The plan is a framework to guide decisions about the location of new land to provide choice in lifestyles and support the growth and viability of the village. The plan provides a basis for balancing community aspirations and technical constraints so that decisions about location of new residential land can be made. In this way the plan seeks to remove barriers to the growth of the village by providing choice and opportunity whilst making sure growth is well located, reflects the constraints of the area and maintains the character and essence of Berridale.

Through this plan the current zoning of the village is reviewed and new areas to accommodate expansion of the village are identified. The location of the areas identified are based on a comprehensive understanding of social, economic, cultural and environmental factors. Detailed investigation of supply and demand will be required to inform rezoning and the subsequent staging of the release of land.

The Village Plan also provides crucial planning principles and an action plan to provide guidance on the work that needs to be completed to ensure that development is well designed, environmentally sustainable and ensures that the unique character of Berridale is valued.

Berridale Growth Plan
The Planning Context
Providing for Future Village Development 
Village Precincts
Open Space & Landscaping and Actions & Recommendations

Berridale Poplar trees

Berridale Poplar trees