Jindabyne Beautification

Guidelines for landscaping and beautification of the Kosciuszko Road corridor through Jindabyne.

Snowy River Shire Council commissioned dsb Landscape Architects in June 2005 to prepare a Landscape Development Plan for the Kosciuszko Road corridor through the built up centre of Jindabyne.

The Landscape Development Plan outlines guidelines for the landscaping and beautification of Kosciuszko Road from the Barry Way roundabout to the 60km speed sign approximately 700 metres south of the Munyang Street and Banjo Patterson Crescent intersection.

Links to plan​ details:
 Landscape Development Plan Report 2006
 Drawn Plan Sheet 1
 Drawn Plan Sheet 2 
 Drawn Plan Sheet 3 
 Drawn Plan Sheet 4 
 Drawn Plan Sheet 5
 Drawn Plan Sheet 6