Snowy River Sphere

Artist(s) Name
Richard Moffatt

Description of Work
Richard Moffatt was commissioned by Snowy River Shire Council to create an impressive, large‐scale public sculpture to mark the gateway to the Snowy River Shire.
The sculpture has deep connections to the Snowies. It is made entirely from recycled steel beams originally used in the construction of the Ski Tube, which was built in the 1980s. Whilst the area is well known for the Snowy Hydro tunnels, the Ski Tube development marked the beginning of a new phase for the area with a new wave of residents and year-round tourism. The flowing lines that define the sculpture are inspired by the Snowy Mountains’ river systems, ski runs and Indigenous pathways. The spherical shape becomes part of the striking boulder-strewn landscape that is a defining feature of the region. The sphere appeals to a universally attractive geometry and representations of the globe.

Artist Statement
Moffatt, a well‐known South Coast sculptor, is recognized throughout the region for his large‐scale sculptures which use recycled industrial parts, and are often inspired by the natural environment. The sculpture [was intended to] have great artistic value and be both beautiful and striking. The sphere is abstract, with fluid lines that crisscross its globe, opening the sculpture up to many imaginative interpretations from the public. Use of space within the sphere allows for a play of light and shadow that change with the weather as well as the passing of the days and seasons. Sculpture is my work. I love the time in my workshop and am continually excited and inspired by the endless possibilities and ideas that flow.

Location of Work
The gateway sculpture sits on the Monaro Highway, just north of Snowy Mountains Airport. The positioning provides the longest viewing distance to maximise the effect for passing traffic.


Primary Materials
Recycled steel beams remaining from the construction of the Ski Tube.