Social Planning

A Social Plan describes the characteristics of a Local Government Area at a particular point in time, and summarises the key social issues facing our community. It incorporates analysis of the identified needs of all residents, including those who are most disadvantaged.

Social planning is the recognition that Council activities play a role in supporting community well-being and identifies the role of Council's work with the community to determine future directions and priorities to meet community needs. It is informed by the latest Census data and by consultations with community members and service organisations. This type of planning considers the experience of key target groups including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, children and families, culturally and linguistically diverse people, older people, people with a disability, young people, women and men. The information can also be used to support planning for services, activities and initiatives which meet the need of target groups. This information can also be useful for groups or individuals who wish to use data for research or to apply for funding for community projects. 

Social Planning supports a 'whole of community' response to social issues. It recognises the existing strengths and capacity of the community, highlighting the ways in which we currently sustain our wellbeing. However, the plan also notes key challenges we face as a region and matches these with opportunities for action that can be undertaken by a range of stakeholders, inclusive of Council.

The Social Plan is an important tool for Council, community members, Government and non Government organisations. It provides an important resource that aims to:

  • Promote equitable social outcomes for the whole community;
  • Improve understanding of social issues, particularly those affecting the most vulnerable members of our community;
  • Enable better monitoring of the social environment;
  • Assist Council and other stakeholders to make informed decisions and
  • Improve resources.
Social Planning has previously been conducted by the former Bombala, Cooma-Monaro and Snowy River Shire Councils. Social Planning has a strong connection to the Community Strategic Plans which were developed by each Council. Community Strategic Plans picked up many of the themes of the previous Social Plans. The Community Strategic Plan and related Delivery and Operational Plan are part of the Integrated Planning and Reporting process. 

A new Community Strategic Plan has been developed for the Snowy Monaro. For more information on the Integrated Planning and Reporting Process, please see the Delivery Program and Operational Plan page.