Mosaic Seat

Artist(s) Name
Sallianne Greentree, Ben Faint, Katie Law and students from Jindabyne Central and Snowy Mountains Grammar Schools.

Description of Work
In 2009, Snowy River Arts collaborated with the local community, artists, local businesses, community groups and Council to realise four sculpture-seats for the Park Your Arts project.
The seat, which can be found on the Lake Jindabyne foreshore, is designed to be used.
Ceramic tiles made by students at JCS and SMGS feature rainbow trout, corroboree frogs, Bogong moths and snowflakes. They bring life and colour to this bench on the Lake Jindabyne foreshore.

Artist Statement
The seat is designed with flowing lines that reflect our natural environment and make for a comfy place to watch the sunrise. A park bench in the form of an organic, free-flowing 3-dimensional shape with undulating forms and edges which reflect the edge of the lake, where the water meets the land and also where the sky meets the mountain ranges.

Location of Art
Lake Jindabyne Foreshore, Jindabyne NSW


Primary Materials
Cement and hebel blocks covered with a mosaic of handmade ceramic tiles