Wrath of the Black Diamond

Artist(s) Name
Jesse Graham

Description of Work
In 2009, Snowy River Arts collaborated with the local community, artists, local businesses, community groups and Council to realise four sculpture-seats for the Park Your Arts project. The seat, which can be found on the Lake Jindabyne foreshore, is designed to be used.

Artist Statement
Everyone knows your tongue will freeze to a pole in winter;
but some people just have to try. This steel seat, which features a snowboard tongue and steel-ski mohawk, adds a little humour to the foreshore. The Snowy River Men's Shed was crucial to the installation of the project. The sculptural seat conveys the head of a "wintersports punk" with his snowboard shaped tongue (which is the part to sit on) enormously stretched, with the tip stuck frozen to a pole.

Location of Art
Lake Jindabyne Foreshore, Jindabyne NSW


Primary Materials