Timber Seat

Artist(s) Name
Todd Costa and Steve Croquette

Description of Work
In 2009, Snowy River Arts collaborated with the local community, artists, local businesses, community groups and Council to realise four sculpture-seats for the Park Your Arts project.
The artwork, which can be found on the Lake Jindabyne foreshore, is meant to be used. This steel and timber seating area was designed to honour the high country, using original brands used by the cattlemen. The men's group 'Boys from Snowy River' branded the timber with these designs. The metal frame depicts mountains, snowflakes and sunshine, a reflection of the natural environment.

Artist Statement
The seat and table is an ideal spring or autumn picnic spot. The timber gives me an opportunity to create a form using grain, colours, cracks and imperfections. Treating the copper with a mottled lacquered finish allows the sculpture to mature showing the history of the piece.

Location of Art
Lake Jindabyne Foreshore, Jindabyne NSW


Primary Materials
Steel and timber