Jindabyne Cemetery

Jindabyne Cemetery is located along the Barry Way, within the town of Jindabyne. 

The site of the old Jindabyne cemetery was flooded by the Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Scheme when constructing Jindabyne Dam. The remains of persons buried in the Old Jindabyne cemetery were transferred to the new cemetery after the new burial ground was surveyed in 1962. 

The cemetery is sectioned into; Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian and Lutheran.

Ashes can be interred in an existing grave site, details of the deceased must be given to Council for the maintenance and upkeep of our register.  A columbarium is currently under construction for the placement of ashes at the cemetery

Plots can be pre purchased and a Right of Burial is issued which entitles the holder of the right to be interred in a chosen plot.

Right of Burials and Placement of Ashes applications forms are available from Council.
Jindabyne Cemetery