Adaminaby Cemetery

Adaminaby Cemetery is approximately 2 kilometres from the town of Adaminaby at the intersection of the Snowy Mountains highway and Yens Bay Rd.

In 1949 work began on the Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric scheme and part of the plan was for the newly formed Lake Eucumbene to cover the old township of Adaminaby. A site some kilometres east of the old town was laid out for the new town.

A survey plan for the new cemetery was prepared in 1960 after the flooding by the Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Scheme of Old Adaminaby in 1957.

Grave sites at the cemetery can be single of double depth and they can be pre purchased from Council. The denominational sections of the cemetery are Catholic, Independent, Anglican and Presbyterian.
There is also a columbarium which provides niches for the placement of ashes, these niches can also be pre purchased. Plaques can be purchased through a monumental mason. Ashes can be placed in an existing grave providing details of the deceased are given to Council so we can maintain our records.

Details of the deceased must be given to Council for the maintenance and upkeep of our register.

Right of Burials and Placement of Ashes applications forms are available from council.

Adaminaby Cemetery