Fire Alarms

What Type Of Fire Alarm Do I Need?

Everyone MUST have fire alarms fitted in every storey of their house or dwelling and depending on the class of building, in rooms where people sleep. This State Government law has been in place since 1 May 2006. There are several types of fire Alarms available. The Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment Regulation 2006 requires that you purchase a fire alarm that has been tested as compliant with Australian Standards (AS3786) and is marked as:

  • Approved to AS3786
  • Accredited to AS3786
  • SSL (Scientific Services Laboratory) listed. SSL is part of the Australian Government Analytical Laboratories
PLEASE NOTE: Alarms installed prior 1 May 2006 that do not meet AS3786 are deemed to comply with the legislation

Some owners of private dwellings may have already installed fire alarms that are not AS3786 compliant. These alarms are considered acceptable, but only if they were installed prior to 1 May 2006 and only until they cease to function or are removed. This acceptance is conditional upon those fire alarms being installed in locations that comply with new Regulation. If they are not installed in the right locations, they may have to be removed or additional alarms may have to be installed as set out in the new Regulation.

The number of alarms that are required will depend on the size of your home or dwelling and its configuration. A private dwelling needs an alarm placed on the ceiling in an area between sleeping and living areas (such as a hallway leading to bedrooms), as well as in any other storey of the building, even if it does not contain bedrooms. You can get more information from the NSW Fire and Rescue website