Responsibilities of On-Site Sewage Management System Owners

The many responsibilities that come with being an owner and/or operator of an on-site sewage management system (OSMS) include:

  • Ensuring you have a current Approval to Operate for your system. If you are unsure if your Approval to Operate is current please contact Council.
  • Ensuring your system is operating within manufacturer recommendations and any conditions associated with the Approval to Operate for the system.
  • Having an understanding of the operating requirements of your system and being aware that you may need to alter your household activities to ensure your system operates sufficiently.
  • Using an authorised person to carry out any work on your system. This includes servicing, maintaining, repairing and pumping out of your system.
  • Ensuring you have appropriate approval to carry out any work on your system (e.g. an Application to Install, Construct or Alter a Sewage Management System is submitted to Council prior to a new system being installed or an absorption trench being replaced). This application can be obtained by contacting Council.
  • Ensuring your OSMS does not pollute the environment and/or cause a risk to the public health of the community.
  • Ensuring you do not illegally dispose of your wastewater or effluent e.g. pumping your system out into a nearby water course, drainage or supply channel or other water body.
  • Maintaining a current Service Agreement with an accredited service agent (Aerated Waste Water Treatment Systems only).