Review or Appeal of Fines

If you wish to contest a penalty notice issued to you by council, you should refer to the penalty notice form as this should contain information on your options. The two options available include:

  • Requesting a review of the penalty notice by the Revenue NSW, or
  • Contesting the penalty notice in a Local Court.
Note: Please choose carefully as you may only be able to pursue one of the above options.

If you are unsure whether to request a review or choose to have the matter heard by a court, the Revenue NSW Review Guidelines may assist you in your decision. A copy of the Review Guidelines can be found on the Revenue NSW Website
There are strict time limits associated with requesting a review or applying to have the matter heard by the Court. 
Alternatively you may wish to seek legal advice in relation to the matter.

Requesting a review of the penalty notice
The primary penalty notice review mechanism is through the formal appeals process administered by the Revenue NSW.

If your penalty notice can still be reviewed by the Revenue NSW, you will need to be able to provide documentary evidence to support your case. Examples of the circumstances that the Revenue NSW will review and the types of evidence, documents and information required to review a penalty notice are available in the Revenue NSW Review Guidelines, which can be downloaded from the  Revenue NSW Website
Snowy Monaro Regional  Council does not have an internal penalty notice review process. This means that Snowy Monaro Regional Council will not review penalty infringement notices.

If an enforcement order has been issued you should contact the SDRO on telephone
1300 655 805 to discuss the options available to you, if you have not done so already.

Contesting the matter in the local court
You may wish to contact your Local Court, which should be able to provide advice in relation to your options to contest the matter in Court.