Food Program

The NSW Food Regulation Partnership
The NSW Food Regulation Partnership is a project involving the NSW Food Authority and local councils.

The aim of the partnership is to improve food safety across NSW (particularly at the retail level) and enable authorities to respond quickly to food emergencies.

Under the partnership, Council has agreed to:
•    Inspect retail food businesses regularly 
•    Respond to food safety emergencies
•    Report its activities to the NSW Food Authority annually
•    Participate in the Regional Food Safety Surveillance Group

It is also the responsibility of food businesses to comply with the Food Act 2003, The Food Regulation 2015 and the Food Standards Codes.

Food Business Categories 
All food businesses are categorised using the Food Standards Australian & New Zealand classification scheme which is endorsed by the NSW Food Authority.

The scheme categorises businesses based on the type of food sold. 

The category determines how often a business is required to be inspected and the annual fees. The three categories are:

Level 0 - Low risk premises - only inspected as a result of a complaint or food recall. For example video shops, chemists and newsagents 
Level 1 - Medium risk - routinely inspected once per year. For example cafes, restaurants, bakeries and delicatessens 
Level 2 - High risk premises - routinely inspected twice per year. For example childcare centres and premises undertaking high risk activities such as using raw egg products.

Council undertakes inspections and monitoring of high and medium risk retail food premises to check that they are following regulations and the Food Standards Codes. Council also responds to complaints regarding retail food premises and single case notification of food-borne illness.

Fees and Charges
Council regularly inspects food businesses and recovers costs from the food businesses for this service. Fees are charged under the NSW Local Government Act 1993 which allows Council to charge a fee to recover costs for the services provided. The maximum allowable fees are set under the Food Act 2003.

The fees that are collected by Council directly fund all of our food safety activities including inspections, educational material, newsletters and a number of other initiatives. 

Administration fees are charged annually and the amount is dependent on the type and classification of the business. The administration fee is issued on a financial year basis and includes an inspection for no additional cost. Some businesses, because of their risk category or due to performance, may require more than one charge per year. These inspections will be invoiced separately after those additional inspections have taken place. For further information on annual and inspection fees please see Council's Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Updating Details
If you are the owner of a food business you are required to inform Council if your details change. Please complete the Food Premises Notification Form and return to Snowy Monaro Regional Council so that we can keep our register up to date.