Education Programs

Council’s Resource and Waste Education Officers offer a range of activities and learning strategies to improve awareness and engagement on local sustainability issues and waste diversion.

Sessions are informative, fun and a stimulating way of raising awareness of environmental impacts and how we can reduce our waste at home through a range of actions.

Those who attend the sessions will learn about the impacts of littering, the need to conserve resources, and how best to reduce consumption.

Sessions include visual displays, props and interactive participation. All learning styles are catered for. So you will go home armed with valuable information and an understanding of how to make sustainable choices in their daily lives.

Education sessions are FREE and run for approximately 45 minutes, including time for questions.

Education Topics:

  • Recycling Right
  • The 5Rs – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot
  • Beyond the Bin
  • Composting and Sustainable Living

If your school or community group is interested in booking a Resource and Waste Education session, please contact Council’s Resource and Waste Education Officers.

*Bookings are limited and must be confirmed more than 1 month in advance.

If you wish to discuss or book in a program please contact Council's Resource and Waste Education Officer.

Phone: 1300 345 345
Mail: PO Box 714, COOMA NSW 2630

Pre-School Education

A Preschool Education Morning is a new project that is being developed and introduced by Councils Resource and Waste Department. This initiative is a great way for the younger generations in our region to learn early on about sustainable living and how waste affects the environment.
Bournda Environmental Education Centre (BEEC) runs Waste Education Program for CRJO (Canberra Region Joint Organisation) and schools across all the member councils are invited to participate in waste education programs aimed at reducing the amount of waste schools and their communities send to landfill.

Whats involved?

  • Form a school project team (could be a class, Student Representative Council or environment group)
  • Conduct a waste audit with support from BEEC and your local council, and/or visit your local resource and waste facility
  • Plan a project that can help reduce the amount of waste your school sends to landfill
  • Record before and after data to watch how quickly your school reduces its waste
  • Presentation of project (e.g. report, poster, video, animation) to school community
Check out some of the schools that have been working on waste education programs with BEEC and CRJO and more information on the programs here.

BEEC Environmental Teacher: Jules Donne

Phone: (02) 64945009

The EnviroMentors workshops cover a multitude of environment issues. All modules are designed to get kids engaged through movement and fun activities. 

Modules are tailored for Stages 1-3 with age-appropriate activities. The educators use visuals, props and interactive participation to ensure that all learning styles are catered for and each and every student goes home armed with valuable lessons and motivated to live more sustainably.
EnviroMentors® modules provide a range of education services to improve community awareness and engagement on local sustainability issues and initiatives. Like other KNSWB programs, EnviroMentors focuses on motivating communities to participate in simple and practical ways to improve their local environment.
Why do we want to participate in waste-free initiatives?

Adopting waste-free initiatives helps your school with litter prevention and minimising waste sent to landfill through the operational practices of ‘avoid, reduce, reuse, recycle’. It's a fact that 80% of the plastic pollution in our waterways and oceans has come from land, much of which is a result of litter and mis-managed waste. Reducing our consumption of single-use disposable plastic is therefore a vital part of conserving our resources and protecting our environment.